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Repair Or Replace Waste Equipment: What Factors Should Be Considered?

When it comes to your recycling equipment, it can’t last forever. When it begins to slow down, you may wonder whether it is worth repairing it. REQUEST A QUOTEPerhaps it’s time to replace your recycling and waste equipment instead? Here, we take a look at how you know whether you should repair or replace your recycling equipment, and how Bergmann Direct can help you to decide.

Keep Maintenance In Mind

If you are thinking about potential recycling equipment repair, then it is worth considering how much maintenance has gone into the equipment. All machinery requires maintenance at certain points, as minor things are likely to go wrong or impact its performance - this doesn’t automatically mean that it will need to be replaced.

Consider The Age Of The Equipment

As your equipment ages, it will require an increase in maintenance, both routine and because of issues that occur during its lifetime. Even if your equipment isn’t older, if it deals with a high volume and is used consistently, it will age more quickly. This will increase the amount of maintenance, as well, and this is to be expected - however, it could make replacing your equipment a cost-effective option in some situations.

Remember To Keep Equipment Serviced

To prevent an increased amount of recycling equipment maintenance, it is worth ensuring that you are engaging in regular services. Routine services of your equipment will mean that any minor problems are detected early and can be remedied before they worsen.

Think About Efficiency

When you are examining your equipment, consider whether it is running as efficiently as it used to. You should bear in mind that equipment becomes less efficient as it ages, as this can mean that it is not effective at waste collection, and you may find that you are often encountering leaking cylinders and pressures that require resetting. On the other hand, newer models are more efficient and will also have a warranty period which covers any maintenance needed early on.

How To Make A Decision

If you are struggling to decide whether to replace your older equipment or repair it, you should consider how much maintenance and repair is required, and how frequently this is occurring. If the overall cost of frequent maintenance visits and the inconvenience of having equipment break and require repairing outweighs the cost of a replacement, it may be time to begin looking for new equipment.

How Bergmann Direct Can Help

Are you still wrestling with how to handle your equipment? Our skilled engineers can examine your equipment and help you to decide whether repair or replacement will be most effective for you. We can also support your company with waste management machine designing & installation, among other important aspects of your recycling and waste management.

Image Source: Unsplash