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What Is A Roll Packer?

A Roll Packer is a unique piece of waste management equipment, invented by German waste equipment engineer Heinz Bergmann in the 80s. Today it is used throughout the world in household waste recycling centres and businesses to compact waste in open containers and reduce their waste disposal costs. How does the Bergmann Roll Packer work and how can it help your organization improve its waste management? Read on to find out…

When Would You Use A Roll Packer?

The Bergmann Roll Packer is designed to compact bulky waste in open containers. Bulky waste includes anything from furniture to wooden pallets, green waste or light metal and is typically too large to go into a static or portable waste compactor. It is also used to compact soft and hard plastic and cardboard, particularly on household waste recycling centres where the public throw waste into open containers.

How Does The Roll Packer Compact Waste?

The Roll Packer has a large, spiked drum weighing 1.8 tonnes on the end of an arm which rolls over the waste repeatedly, breaking it up and pushing it down into the container, maximizing the space available.

By using a Roll Packer, the amount of waste in the container can be up to x5 more, reducing the number of times the container must be emptied. This, in turn, reduces the transport cost of the bulky waste by around 80%. As an example, a 35-yard container full of uncompacted pallets generally weighs around 2 tonnes, but a Roll Packer increases the weight to 8 tonnes or more. Many local authorities consider a Bergmann Roll Packer to be an essential piece of waste management equipment to compact waste in open containers as it reduces their transport costs substantially.

There are three versions of the Bergmann Roll Packer:


Another Key Benefit - Moving Full Containers

The Bergmann Mobile Roll Packer is also able to move full containers by using its container-moving arm. On local authority sites, a roll-on-off vehicle normally needs to be available to move full containers but the Bergmann Roll Packer can do the moving itself. This hugely increases the efficiency of the operation by not requiring roll-on-off vehicles to be returned to site for this purpose.

To find out more about using Bergmann Roll Packers to reduce waste disposal costs in open containers and skips, get in touch today and speak to a member of our expert team.