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Why You Should Use Specialist Equipment at HWRC Sites

In a move that reinforces Bergmann Direct Ltd's reputation as a trusted partner in waste management solutions, Angus Council has recently acquired a new Mobile Roll Packer to replace their existing machinery.

Bergmann Direct Ltd, a leading name in waste management equipment, has a long history of providing solutions to various local authorities across Scotland. Over the past two decades, we have successfully delivered over one hundred Mobile Roll Packers to Scottish Councils, cementing our position as the go-to provider for open container compaction.

The Mobile Roll Packer works seamlessly at a HWRC (Household Waste Recycling Centre), containers can be situated at various locations optimising the flow of traffic through the site. The container shifting device on the Roll Packer can drag containers around the site to make use of all available space. Using the travel length settings, there is no damage to the containers which can be caused when using non specialist equipment such as JCB's and 360 Excavator's.

Angus Council Mobile Roll Packer Container Moving Device

These powerful machines compact waste into open containers offering a 4:1 compaction ratio, reducing the need for frequent collections and lowering transportation costs. Moreover, their robust construction ensures durability, reducing maintenance costs and ensuring a longer service life. The key benefits of the Mobile Roll Packer over non specialist equipment:

  • Higher compaction rates per container than any other machine on the market.
  • No damage to containers with set travel lengths.
  • Container moving devices for ease of planning on site.

Bergmann Directs track record of successful installations and ongoing support for the Councils in Scotland ensures that the investment will continue to yield long-term benefits.

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