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  • Bywaters Hook-loader for Houses of Parliament



    Bywaters Choose Bergmann Hook-loader for Houses of Parliament


    Bergmann Direct have produced a series of specially adapted small hooklift portable waste compactors for use on Bywaters’ HL5 vehicles as part of the new 7-year contract at the Houses of Parliament.

    The compactors are based on the Bergmann MPB405SN8, an 8-cubic metre capacity skip-loader. An HL5 frame was added and the height of the compactor specially lowered because of the low arches which the vehicle has to go under at the Houses of Parliament. A side-opening rear door replaces the standard top-opening door due to the low height of the vehicle as well as a multi-lift bin tipper. The compactor is known as the ‘Baby Hooklift’. There are also hand-loading versions available with a special lower height of 1100mm.

    Bywaters has a large fleet of small HL5-compatible compactors some of which are due for replacement and the new Bergmann models will be taking their place in a rolling programme. The HL5 is a special small hooklift vehicle, very popular in London due to the limited space available for standard size portable waste compactors and wheelie bins in central London.

    Customers have the opportunity to make bespoke modifications to compactors at manufacturing stage including height, length (compactors can be shortened in 250mm sections), loading-height, type of lid, whether fully enclosed or locked, side and top-loading doors, inspection portholes to check the height of the waste inside the container and the addition of ozone generators to reduce odours of food waste.

    For further information contact Bergmann Direct on 0845 226 5803.