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  • Sainsbury’s | Rotary Waste Compactor


    Bergmann Direct have supplied 264 Rotary Waste Compactors to Sainsbury’s through PHS, to deal with food waste packaging from post sell-by-date food. The rotary waste compactor uses a toothed drum to pack 1250L heavy duty plastic bags at a 9:1 compaction ratio.

    Trials at two stores were carried out the previous year to test the efficacy of putting past-sell-by-date food packaging (without the food waste) into rotary compactors.

    The compaction ratio of 9:1, the ease of loading bag compactors rather than vertical balers and the nature of the packaging, which is often covered with food waste, were deemed a success and the trial was rolled out to 264 stores.

    Each compactor was fitted with special insectocutors, anti-rodent devices, additional interlocks and special limit switches to avoid overfilling.

    The compactors were manufactured, delivered and installed at a rate of 14 per week over a 20-week period, a phenomenal achievement in an industry when most equipment is on a four to six-week delivery period for single items.

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