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Lidl Choose Bergmann Static Roll Packer for Wood and Pallet Waste

The successful discount retailer, now the 6th largest with 7.2% of the sector as of December 2022, has opted for the Bergmann Static Roll Packer to crush pallet waste in open containers at a number of their regional distribution centres.

Lidl is the latest in a series of retailers to take advantage of the market-leading technology. IKEA, John Lewis, M&S and B&Q are among other famous retail names who use the Bergmann Roll Packer to increase tonnages in open containers.

The roll packer has long been popular with companies which generate volumes of wood waste, such as pallets and packing cases. The 1.5 tonne geared drum crushes waste in layers and increases tonnages in a 35-yard container from around 2 tonnes to typically around 8 tonnes, cutting the transport portion of the disposal by 75-80%. The reduced vehicle movements contribute to reduce carbon footprints of any organisation using the roll packer.

Organisations with more than one 35-yard collection of wood waste a week will see an immediate financial benefits from the use of a Bergmann Roll Packer, which can also be used on any general, plastic or light metal waste.

The Bergmann Static Roll Packer is also popular with manufacturers generating bulky waste that receive supplies on pallets. Local authorities have been long-standing customers where Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) use open containers for the public to load waste. 

Bergmann Direct first began working with Lidl UK in 2004, installing and maintaining their range of screw compactors at local stores for their cardboard waste.

For further information about the Bergmann Static Roll Packer click here. For a no-obligation discussion about the roll packer and how it could help you reduce your bulky waste disposal costs contact Bergmann Direct on 01522 692888.