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BDL Sponsors National Civic Amenity Site/HWRC Conference - July 2023

Bergmann Direct are official sponsors of the National Civic Amenity Site/HWRC Conference at the Coventry Building Society Arena on Thursday 6th July 2023, where we will be presenting details of the new Electric Mobile Roll Packer, the latest electric innovation in HWRC management. 

The NCAS/HWRC conference will discuss key operational and efficiency issues facing local authorities and operators:

  • Abolition of Local Authority DIY Waste Charges
  • Carbon Reduction Strategies
  • New Technologies to Improve Efficiency

The Bergmann diesel-driven Mobile Roll Packer and Static Roll Packer have been the workhorse of HWRC management, generating maximum tonnages in open containers for a generation.

Now the new generation of ELECTRIC Roll Packers will improve efficiency, fuel economy and carbon reduction even further.

Electric Mobile Roll Packer
Electric Static and Traversing Roll Packers


Powered by a 26.2kW rechargeable lithium-ion battery, you'll get 9 hours of continuous compaction and container-moving power to enhance your carbon reduction programme. That's 2 to 3 days use for a typical HWRC or commercial site between 10-hour recharges. Or there's a 45-minute fast-charge to give you 80% capacity. This is the FIRST fully Lithium-ion electric battery-powered equipment dedicated for HWRCs, giving you the maximum compaction in open containers without diesel power. Read more here...

In addition, the Static and Traversing Roll Packers have been further developed to reduce electricity consumption by a whopping 68%, slashing energy use, maintenance visits and hydraulic oil use and costs. In our energy-conscious times, these are significant upgrades. Read more here...

For local authority and private HWRC operators, the conference will bring you right up to date with developments and essential data on current legislation and operational efficiencies.

For more information on the NCAS/HWRC Conference and tickets click here.

For more information on the Bergmann Electric Mobile Roll Packer click here.