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Reducing Collection Costs: Glass Crushers for the Hospitality Sector

In the ever-evolving landscape of sustainability and environmental responsibility, the hospitality sector faces increasing pressure to find efficient solutions for waste management. In particular, glass bottles, often single use in this industry, have long posed a challenge. With impending legislation changes mandating separate collection of glass, the BDL Under Counter Bottle Crusher and BDL BB06 Glass Crusher offer a timely, eco-friendly solution. Let's explore how these innovative machines can help the hospitality sector reduce collection costs.

The BDL Glass Crushers: A Green Revolution in Glass Disposal

BDL have supplied glass recycling equipment for over 10 years, present two options for the hospitality sector:

BDL Under Counter Bottle Crusher: This compact, under counter machine is the perfect solution for businesses looking to efficiently dispose of glass bottles like those used for wine, beer, and spirits. Placed conveniently beneath bar counter tops, it crushes bottles with ease.

BDL BB06 Glass Crusher: Tailored for high volume operations in the back of house, this robust machine can process up to 3000 bottles per hour. Its efficiency makes it an excellent choice for hotels, restaurants, and bars, reducing glass waste and more importantly, the associated costs.

Future Legislation Changes: Separate Glass Collection

With future legislation changes on the horizon, the hospitality sector will face new requirements for the separate collection of glass waste. The BDL Glass Crushers offer a proactive approach to this impending change by maximising the volume of glass waste in your bins.

What can Crushed Glass be used for?

Crushed glass is not just a waste reduction strategy; it's a valuable resource with diverse applications. Here's a quick look at how crushed glass can be creatively and sustainably reused:

Glass Mulch: Use crushed glass as an alternative to traditional mulch in gardens and walkways, providing effective weed control and erosion prevention.

Glass Counter tops: Incorporate crushed glass into your counter tops, offering a visually striking, eco-conscious solution for kitchen and bar surfaces.

Insulation Material: Crushed glass can be used in the production of eco-friendly insulation material, offering an alternative to traditional insulation options while reducing waste.

By embracing the BDL Under Counter Bottle Crusher and BDL BB06 Glass Crusher, the hospitality sector can not only reduce collection costs but also contribute to a more sustainable future. These innovative machines allow businesses to efficiently manage glass waste, comply with future legislation, and find new, creative uses for crushed glass.

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