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The Bergmann 1100E compacts waste by a ratio of 6:1 in a standard 1100 litre wheelie bin. The 1100E can also compact in standard 660 and 770 litre bins. That's six wheelie bins compacted into just one, saving you a fortune in collection costs.

It's the ideal waste compaction solution for:

  • organisations with a small area for waste management (like hotels and shops)
  • no room for multiple bins (city centre areas for example)
  • reducing the number of wheelie bins that need to be emptied
1100E loading-1

How The Bergmann
1100E Works

A new bin is placed in the machine; waste is loaded through the chute door; the rotary drum breaks up and compacts the waste into the bin. When the bin is full the full light comes on. A new bin can then be placed in the machine.

The Bergmann 1100E is much safer than the bin presses which have a flat plate which presses down into the bin. Even on a two-handed operation, bin presses have potentially dangerous trap zones and will only produce a 2:1 compaction ratio.


Bergmann 1100-E: Left: rotary drum breaks up and compacts the waste into the drum; Middle: easy-to-use controls; Right: bin-locking mechanism which secures the bin in place on the DIN pin (trunion) for compacting.


Compaction ratio: 6:1
Bins accepable: 660L, 770L and 1100L
Power requirement: 16A, 3 phase, 415V, 50Hz, 5 pin CEE socket
Machine dimensions: WxDxH: 1450mm x 1727mm x 2580mm
Noise level: 59 dB
Machine weight: 900kg
Optional accessories: chute door interlock, insectocutor, operating beacon

Typical Customers

Hotels (general and DMR - dry mixed recycling)
Office blocks and facilities management with small waste management areas
Apartment blocks (chute fed from waste disposal systems)
Any site with multiple bins wanting to reduce the number of bins and the disposal costs


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